Magic Container Registry

Automatically turn your code into container images. No more Dockerfiles or YAML. Powered by Cloud Native Buildpacks.

Magic Container Registry screenshot

Zero-Configuration Container Images

Connect your GitHub repositories and the Magic Container Registry takes care of the rest. No Dockerfiles or YAML required. Get OCI-compliant container images that work anywhere.

Powered by Cloud Native Buildpacks

Use the power and flexibility of Cloud Native Buildpacks to build any application into a container image. The Magic Container Registry supports custom Buildpacks for specialized application needs.

Fast Automatic Security Updates

Ensure a secure container environment with automatic base image security updates. Updates are applied without rebuilding your code, ensuring a quick turnaround time.

Optimistic Builds for Faster Continuous Delivery

Builds run in parallel to your Continuous Integration tests, ensuring the container image will be available immediately for your Continuous Delivery process.